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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Summer Overview

When considering this summer, so far it can be characterized by the popular phrase
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

After many, many years of trying to find just the right "groove" between free time and scheduled time,
camps vs unscheduled days to laze around, I feel like I am getting the hang of it.
I bet I have it down perfectly by the time Trey goes off to college! :)

No, really.

This year I had the kids in nothing until late June. There was plenty of down time and some time to start getting bored.
Then, Chris went on a mission trip.
Following that, I started the boys in organized activities during the day, to burn some energy and to give me a break.
Kate began a college class here at the local community college, and also started three dance classes.

After next week, all scheduled activity screeches to a stop and the slow days of summer resume for two weeks before the boys start school. Pool time with friends, a few fun day excursions and some good old boredom.

It has worked well for us.

On the downside, we've had some challenges.

Kate has been in recovery from an undiagnosed case of Mono/EBV and it has been very slow going.
A journey of stops and starts, with one step forward and two steps back.
It is difficult for her and difficult for us to watch her struggle and learn to make decisions about what her body can or cannot manage on any given day.
We are starting to be concerned about her departure for college and really hope that she continues to gain strength in the month ahead. We all know how exhausting transitioning to college can be in the best of circumstances.

Trey and Chris, meanwhile, have been felled this week by a short lived but nasty virus. They should both be fully well by this weekend, hopefully. Just in time for the county fair to be coming to town!

In other news, Rob's Grandfather (the kids' Great Grandfather) passed away a week and a half ago. It was expected, as he was very old and had been getting weaker. He was an amazing man- He had only a mid-elementary school education but was a hard worker and a lovely man. He worked for the Ford Company in Detroit for years. He was strong as an ox well through his 80s and my boys admired him like crazy. We will miss Old Nono.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the upcoming three weeks of summer with my family and friends!

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