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Friday, August 2, 2013

He's a Giant

Chris is in a crazy growing phase. He is all arms and legs and limbs shooting out every which way.
He's the very definition of gangly.

He and Trey were in a camp this week that was all things Creative Arts- music, drama, drawing, sculpting, dancing etc.
At the end of the week they had a little performance for the parents, so we can see some of the things they had learned.

Kate and I arrived and found seats. The first group of kids went up on stage to do Drama Games and OMG it was just laughable. Chris looked like a Hulking Giant. He was head and shoulders above all these little kids. It was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen, all their little faces upturned toward him, their trusty leader. And he was loving it.

I was very proud of Trey too. He missed two full days of a five day camp, but he was up there on Friday just doing his thing the best he could. Just to summarize, he learned all the acts and dances and routines and songs IN A DAY and performed them on stage the same day he learned them. That kid has guts. He was awesome.

At the end, the kids were all saying goodbye to each other. A young boy ran up to Chris and wrapped his arms around him- very sweet. Then, as we were heading out the door, a blonde teen girl says "Hey Chris, are you just going to LEAVE and not say GOODBYE?" He goes over and says a quick and awkward goodbye and is heading back to us when she comes over and grabs his arm.
"Whaa?" he started to say, when she reached in her pocket and pulled out a black Sharpie marker and proceeds to write her phone number on his arm.

In black Sharpie.
Permanent Black Sharpie.

"Just so you don't lose it!" she said with a smile, as I gawked (I couldn't help it!) and Kate turned her back to hide her laughter.

That Chris, he just slays 'em. :)

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