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Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Things Friday!

Another week, come and gone. Craziness!

1) Kate turned 18 this week! I am now the parent of an adult-person. GET OUT!! I don't even understand what that *means.* But I do feel a bit of puffy pride that we seem to have gotten one kid to 18 without completely wrecking them.

2) Kate's day-before-she-turned-18 Surprise Birthday Party was a rousing success! The girl had NO CLUE. It was magnificent. And a friend of mine made queso and guac for the Nacho Bar from scratch because SHE IS AWESOME!
Kate has really wonderful friends. I am a lucky parent because Kate has always brought her friends around and helped us to have a good, friendly, open relationship with them.  We'll see if the boys are the same way or not. I've been spoiled!
Eating- we served Chickfila Nuggets, a Nacho Bar and there was a chocolate fountain with strawberries, pretzel rods, marshmallows and rice krispie treats!

They ended up watching this movie together. Rob and I could hear them laughing and screaming in the family room when we were OUTSIDE!

Great group of friends. A lucky girl is Kate!

3) Trey had his Chorus concert last night. He did very well; Rob and I were awful. We are just so ready for the boy to be out of elementary school. We were like bad kids- sitting in the back of the auditorium making snide remarks to each other. He really did do well though. Promise! It just makes us laugh, sometimes, seeing all these parents jockeying for the best seats, videotaping the entire performance. I mean, there are like 180 kids up there! Does anyone ever actually WATCH chorus performances again?

4) I lost weight doing low-carb. So did Rob. I gained weight back when I stopped doing low-carb. So did Rob. Why are we surprised by this? Yet somehow, we are!

5) Our garden has been planted! Tomatoes, red pepper, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, "burpless" cukes, strawberries, and string beans. I've been walking around singing "Inch by inch and row by row" and making everyone nuts. It's awesome.

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