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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Five Things

I'm borrowing (stealing?) an idea from a fellow blogger ( to write Five Things. I often think of a thing or two I want to say, but it's not enough for a blog post. So it ends up on Facebook as a status update instead. BTW Nic Rogers, if you read this blog post, the blog writer I linked to sounds exactly like you in my head. Does that even make sense? When I read her blog, I can hear your voice.. same kind of stream-of-consciousness style. Makes me smile! :)

1- Gracie has a "stampled" ( paw. She sliced it open on the hinge mechanism on the underside of the recliner. Poor girl. The bandage the Vet put on it lasted about two days so we have been inventive since then. Right now she is wearing a Fila sock of Trey's (because it's a tight fit) with a rubber band on it to keep it on. Then, when she goes out on a wet day or a dewy morning, we put a baggie over that with another rubber band. It's kind of comical really. Sadly, her issues don't seem to be with her joints but either with her back or a neurological problem. Either way, very expensive and money that we simply don't have. So we are loving her up and are grateful that she's over two years beyond the average life span for her breed.

2- I got so annoyed yesterday! First, I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond trying to buy an item. I was having difficulty locating it, so I asked for help. The Sales Associate told me to look in one area while she checked another and she'd be back. MANY minutes later, I finally realized she wasn't coming back. I went off in search of her and asked for her at Customer Service. She came back, looking annoyed, and said "Didn't xxx come to help you? I told him to." I told her no, but even if he had, I didn't know to look for him. So she found xxx and asked him about the item, which he then looked up and told me that they didn't have it. And the whole time, all of them look annoyed. HELLO? Isn't your job to sell things to people?

3- So I am leaving Bed Bath and Beyond, quite aggravated at the complete lack of customer service, and am backing out the car. Now, I am backing out slowly and carefully but at some point, you have to look in front of you to make sure you aren't going to hit the cars in the spaces beside you when you turn the wheel. Right? So this FREAKING MORON walks behind my car (which is 3/4 out of the space now, and in motion.) When I glance into my mirror again, I see him and slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him. I was INCENSED. I had a few words with him (completely mild, no cussing, just telling him that walking behind a car like that is dangerous. Think that was effective? Of course not. Sigh.)  Why are people such effing morons? I swear, everyone is in SUCH a hurry anymore and everything is about them. It makes me sad.

4- Rob and I aren't big drinkers during the week, we are more social drinkers. But the other night, on a whim, we decided to take our beer and wine and go relax on the hammock together. We jokingly called it "being old people." So out we go, all ready to relax and discuss our day, when what do we see? Trey on the trampoline. He spots us just as we spot him and our relaxing time was thereafter interrupted by "Mom, Look at this!" and "Dad, look at me!" We had to laugh. We will have plenty of time for quiet in just a few years. I did think we had moved out of the "look at me!" stage though. Maybe he just doesn't get enough opportunities to say it.

5- Why is it that things break when money is tight? Our appliances are in cahoots. First the faucet breaks in the kitchen and is leaking water down into the basement. So a new faucet was purchased and the plumber out to fix it. Then, literally at the same time, the dishwasher breaks. We have the plumber back to see if he did something to it while he was doing the faucet- nope. Then another plumber out because the line broke while we were pulling it out to take a look at it. Finally, another person out to fix the dishwasher. And now, the coffeemaker is on the blink. I've descaled it twice but it is still unhappy. It tried not to brew any coffee this morning but thought better of it when I smacked it HARD. Maybe I'll just have to beat the coffeemaker up every morning for my caffeine fix!

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