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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moving On

I was a volunteer at Trey's Elementary School tonight.
They were having an Ice Cream Social and Reading Night.
It's a nice event- an opportunity for kids to come out and listen to stories read by parents or fellow schoolmates- as well as a chance to enjoy a bowl of ice cream with toppings.

I've been making an effort to attend these events this year with Trey, as my last kiddo in Elementary School for his final year. We've been to International Night and in two days we'll be back again for Fun Day- an awesome day of games and prizes and fun with friends.

As I was sitting there tonight, doling out toppings for excited kids,
it occurred to me that I am running in parallel with Kate right this second.
Just like a high school senior with Senioritis, I am SO OVER elementary school and its rules and events.

Most of the Moms there were at the beginning of their journey- most of them had a child in kindergarten or first grade, with other children that were even younger.
They were talking about this or that thing that their little Preshus had done
and you could literally watch the clique and power boundaries taking place and shifting.

I was happy to sit and watch, keeping to myself,
as all I could think was that, in the grand scheme of things, LITTLE OF THIS MATTERS.
I know that now, but of course they can't, just as I didn't in their stage of life.

I truly don't believe I will be one of those mother's sobbing at the end of the year, as my little preshus leaves elementary school behind, closing the chapter for all of us.
And if I am, they might secretly be tears of glee.

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