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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fare Thee Well and Goodbye

The time has come for this blog to come to its natural end.

The kids have grown up enough that there isn't much to write about that doesn't feel like an invasion of their lives and privacy to have it recorded.

I am found regularly on Facebook.

As a quick summary and goodbye-

Kate is now 17 and almost halfway through her senior year of high school. She is very active in school and in her church activities and has close knit groups of friends in each. She doesn't feel the need to conform or do things that she isn't comfortable with and I admire that in her. She challenges herself regularly and operates quite well under pressure and stress. She is such a good daughter with her head firmly on her shoulders even as she dreams big dreams. Her current plan is to pursue something in social services, probably having to do with adoption or the foster care system. 

Chris is now 14 and in his last year of middle school. He plays baseball and also recreationally plays basketball. He has found a real talent and love for singing and musical theater and is pursuing that with a passion this year. He is an excellent student and it has been a real joy to watch him develop into a very confident and happy young man. He's eating all the time now and I can tell his growth is getting ready to pick up like crazy.. he's about 5'6 plus.

Trey is just about to turn 11 and he is doing really well also. He considers himself an "athletic" kid and loves riding his bike, playing with airsoft guns with Chris and going to gymnastics. He also plays basketball with Upward. He is off his medication for ADHD so far this year and is putting forth such great effort. I am hugely proud of him. He is funny and artistic but under all that is a young man who thinks about things deeply and from a surprising number of angles. He is ready to finish elementary school and move on to the exciting world of middle school next year.

Rob and I continue to be happily married and we will hit the 20 year mark in February. Rob works hard at his job and has done UNBELIEVABLY well this year, smashing all the goals he set for himself. We are hopeful that we will see the fruits of his labor just in time for Kate to go off to college, so we can step up our college savings for Chris. I feel like I have finally hit my stride in this parenting gig, getting folks where they need to get, keeping everyone healthy, fed, active and educated. Rob and I work in tandem to make our home a place of safety, support and happiness for ourselves and our kids and sometimes discuss with great pleasure the years to come, when we will travel and have more time to spend together.

Thank you for the time you have spent with me and my family on this blog. It has been my great pleasure to have it and I love having the ability to go back and read the story of our lives.

Peace and blessings,


Gina said...

I love you Leeann and will miss reading your blog. I completely understand why you are ending it... I should do the same with my own.. but it has been a wonderful way to be part of your family.

jen@odbt said...

I will miss you! I love your stories especially your parenting ones. You are someone I admire and hope I can offer my kids the kind of support and trust you offer yours. Best wishes!

PS: I have turned mine off for now. Not sure if it will be a permanent change yet but am finding it more challenging to post.

Wendy said...

It's been fun! See you on Facebook!

dkuroiwa said...

oh....though i completely understand doing this (and, like Gina, have thought about it also) i will miss your posts. my two boys have so much in common with your boys and it has been fun to "hang out"....glad we can continue doing so over on Facebook.

HynesMom said...

No fair! I just started following you!