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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tiny Little Attention Spans

I went on my biweekly-ish run to Costco and Trader Joe's today.
As I was touring the aisles, I found myself in the company of a young man, probably in his early twenties.

He had a stocking cap on his head, which seems to be a popular look with his age group,
A long sleeved athletic shirt, below the knee length athletic shorts, black socks and slide sandals completed the look.

I found myself fascinated by his behavior in the aisles of Costco.

He would stop, at a dead standstill, and look intently at this smartphone. Didn't matter where he was, flat in the middle of the aisle, in mid step, whatever.
Then, after a minute or so, he would put it aside and then stampede up the aisle like his hair was on fire.

Seeing him practically running, you would assume he was in a hurry but alas, as I would turn to the next aisle, there he'd be, cart parked askew, standing stock still, cell phone out.

A minute later, BLAMMO! Off he'd go again, swiping something off the aisle as he rushed by.

I got to giggling about it after a while, making bets with myself about how far down any given aisle he might have gotten before screeching to a halt.
No matter how much he was rushing, it was going to take him forever to get his shopping done with all those stops and starts!

Tiny little attention spans, made smaller with the constant ping of electronic devices, had minimized his attention to less than a minute at a stretch!

Speaking of Costco behavior, or lack thereof,
the other thing that makes me flat out crazy is people stopping for samples.
You would think these people had never seen food before in their lives, the way they are on high alert for their special sample.

And how awful it is when the sample is still cooking, or suddenly runs out!
I have seen people stand there and WAIT, blocking all people around them from passing, while waiting for their special opportunity to have a freaking CRACKER with NUTELLA SPREAD ON IT!
I mean, really? It's not like it's filet mignon or something, people.

Costco just brings out the crazy in folks, I guess.

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2martins said...

This is particularly bad in the LA Costcos. It is a ZOO that you can barely navigate. I have had to leave my cart, go get what I wanted, and return to my cart with the item to get through the ridiculous hoards accumulated there!! Don't get me started on the lines for the gas there!! I've seen lines that must have been 30 min. long.