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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My ten, nearly eleven year old, is an intensely curious child.
I'm not sure how much of his curiosity is driven by being the youngest child in a family with two teenagers who precede him
or just by the simple fact that he thinks about a lot of things and doesn't always have a functioning "Is this a good question to ask?" button.

In the past month, I've been asked about drugs usage in my past,
whether his Dad and/or I have had other partners in the past
and, yesterday, whether or not I thought his Dad and I might get a divorce at some point.

Let it be known that his Dad was not home at the time and there has been no fighting or unhappiness going on! You would think he would at least save that last one for a time when we were engaging in some kind of battle or something.

Good Lord!

This is the very same kid who won't tell be ANYTHING about his day at school.
It's like he gets on a bus and falls into a black hole somewhere.
I thank my lucky stars that his best friend is in his class this year, so I can pump his mom for details.
I just recently found out that his teacher is pregnant and leaving in April (third year in a row with a pregnant teacher. Can I please have some male teachers and spinsters for him?)
I mentioned this little factoid to him and he said "Oh yeah! I forgot!"
Isn't it interesting how kids never forget things like dessert but anything relevant to us is just, like, *POOF!*
When he was in third grade, his teacher left and new teacher came and I did not even KNOW!

I've been trying to think of what the next questions might be that come my way and I cannot even begin to imagine what they might be.
But I'm sure I'll find out, at the rate we're going!

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Swistle said...

One of my kids had three school years in a row with long-term subs. One pregnant, one extensive surgery/recovery, and one Family Crisis of Uncertain Type. I felt like writing a letter: "Could we please have ONE YEAR with the SAME TEACHER ALL YEAR?"