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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trippin' in the Nursing Home

The other day, I was hanging with Trey in the kitchen after the Olders had left for school.
Somehow, we got talking about drugs.

I told him what my Mom had told me,
that you never know the effect a drug will have on your system because each of our bodies is so different.
I told him that not only is doing drugs illegal, but you never know if you will be that one person who snorts coke, has a heart attack and dies.

He thought about that briefly
and then said that he really wanted to try LSD, but was going to wait until he was an old person.
I guess his thinking here is that he'd be teetering at the end of life anyway, so why not go for broke?

"Why do you want to try LSD?" I asked him, curious.
I don't even know how he KNOWS about LSD.
"I want to see what it is like to hallucinate," he said. "I want to see if I see bunnies or what."
"Although," he continued, "I guess it would depend on your state of mind. If you were happy you would probably hallucinate happy things and if you were sad or angry, then you might hallucinate bad things."
He looked relatively freaked out at this prospect.

I was thinking this whole conversation was interesting, frightening and completely bizarre.
I'm kind of glad I won't be around when my kid is an old person in Depends,
dropping acid and tripping out in a nursing home!

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