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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Musings on Chivalry

Things are always swirling in my brain but seldom make it to paper (or blog!)
but today I am on a rant.
A rant that is going to make me sound old.

But this is what I want to know..


Have we really lost that much ground in a generation?

I'll tell you what I don't want, as the mother of  a daughter:

I don't want a boy to come to pick my daughter up for a date:
..and sit in his car.
..and honk the horn
..and text her that he is outside.

I DO want a boy to come to the door, ring the doorbell, greet us and greet her.
Let us know where you are going and we'll tell you when to be back home.

I don't want a boy to:
..not hold the door.
..not (at least offer!) to pay for a date that he asked her on.
..not court her or woo her or make her feel special.

I DO want a boy to ask her out on a date,
pay for her movie and popcorn (not always, but at least sometimes!)
treat her like the treasure she is.

Most importantly, 
I DO NOT LIKE this culture of young men who expect,
a physical relationship from a girl in order to "keep him."

And girls, for God's sake, 
have self respect. 
If you want to be treated like the treasure that you are,
then command that respect of the guys you go out with.

I'm the mom of a daughter and two sons
and you can bet I will be teaching this to them, and more.

I fully support equality--
but being courted and treasured is a really wonderful thing,
and I would hate to see it go by the wayside.

How do you see things as the same, or different?
Are the changes better or worse?


Swistle said...

I get so fretful looking at Rob's Facebook friends! It makes me feel old, but SO BE IT!

Gina said...

The biggest problem I have with this generation is that even the kids who look good.. who know the right things to do to make a mom feel good about letting her daughter go out with him.. turn out to be scummy low life sometimes.

Natalie said...

Don't know the answers, but you've given me some good reminders on things to teach my boys!

Anonymous said...

My Mother used to say that a girl puts her own price tag on herself..Make that price tag high until the right one comes along and puts a ring on it...The last is from Beyonce and not my just had a good "ring" to it..Sorry, couldn't help it! But it is the same. Respect yourself and the boys will respect you too. Just make sure you are selective and don't go out with just anyone. Pretty good advice even with today's lesser morals...Love, Mom