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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life's Moving On

This year has blown by so quickly.
By year, I mean the school year, because as a Mom with three kids, that is how I currently measure our lives.

In fact, this is how I view "A Year"-

Hot, pool parties, hot, school supplies, sports tryouts by mid-month, still hot. End of August is the first day of school.

Back to school nights (3), getting into the rhythm of homework again, baseball and volleyball games.

Cooler weather and crunchy leaves, volleyball ending, Halloween candy and costumes and a rocking good party.

First quarter is over, parent teacher conferences, Thanksgiving, preparing for Christmas- who has what? What do I need? Start wrapping and plan the Christmas meal.

Lights are up! Tree is up! Comparing "piles" and wrapping gifts, our neighbor bringing Christmas cookies, family and more family, church and celebration.

Back to school, thank you God! A new year. A clean slate. Basketball. Snow.

Thinking ahead to summer camps, believe it or not. More snow. More basketball. Trying to avoid the gloomy feeling that comes during the deepest part of winter. 

Spring break? Mission trip? Parent teacher conferences again. Hopefully seeing the first signs of spring. Basketball over, preparing to start baseball.

Baseball! Spring! Sun and rain. Flowers blooming and tons of maple seeds helicoptering their way down all over the place. Spring fever makes doing homework almost impossible. Allergy meds.

Pool opening and Memorial Day kick off. Happiness. Filling up on Vitamin D. Throwing in the towel on school: we're all tired and need to just chill.

SCHOOL'S OUT!! Celebrate, enjoy not having a schedule.. two weeks later: too much downtime. We need a schedule. I'm going to kill someone.

HOT. So HOT. This humidity is crazy, why do we live here? Pool parties. Summer camp. Planning to prepare for the start of the new school year...

And so it goes...


Gina said...

I wonder if we ever really lose that school year mentality? I kind of think I will always measure time like this.

Natalie said...

Love your recap!