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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Words to Live By

I have a list of blogs that I read.
Not too long, just a few each day.
Some are funny, some are snarky, some cause me to stop and think about my life.
Most are better written than mine!

Today, I was reading Anna Donaldson's blog "An Inch of Gray" 
and was particularly struck by this paragraph from this particular post:

>>>"After Jack passed away, many friends and acquaintances from school, scouts, little league, and church came to visit and share with me special memories and stories about Jack. I enjoyed hearing every one. But it struck me that it should not have taken a tragedy for people to share these stories and remembrances of Jack. I would have preferred to hear them while he was still alive. I could have shared them with Jack to encourage him and let him know the impact he was making on others. "<<<
(from An Inch of Gray- bolding and italics mine.)

How true this is. 

That paragraph just blew me away. 
I surround myself with people that I like and think highly of, 
but often the daily grind of  life gets in the way and I seldom tell them what a difference they make or a special memory of them that I might carry.
Sometimes a few kind words or a memory might be the very thing that will bolster someone and give them the strength or confidence they are lacking for that moment, or for a challenging time ahead.

I'd like to share words or memories to anyone who wants to hear them now.
Drop me a comment or like this post to let me know.

Life's short, sometimes tragically, unexpectedly so.
The time to share love, memories and laughter is NOW.
Let no words go unspoken.


Anna See said...

leeann, i need to remember this lesson, too. you would think i would know it by now. love and hugs, anna

Linda said...

Lee Ann,

I always think of the college Ark trip with you over Christmas break when it was soo cold!! What a great trip!!