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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time Marches On

I took a walk this evening, about eight o'clock.
The sky was darkening already- by the time I returned at 8:30 it was full on dusk.
The cicadas were almost deafening as I walked by the trees
and I noticed a vague but definite cooling in the air-
this was not a hot summer night but an evening
that gently hinted of the upcoming change of seasons.

I've lived in the Mid-Atlantic for 14 and a half years now
and there is some comfort in being able to predict what is around the bend..
this subtle cooling will lull me into believing Fall is coming,
only to have one or two more blasts of scorching temperatures
that have us cranking up the AC once again and wishing the pool wasn't closed.
Then, we will settle into the crunching of leaves by mid-September,
the lovely warm days and even-more-lovely cool nights.


Just as some things have become known and predictable,
other things are happening that are brand new.
Among them, having a sixteen year old.
And now, having a sixteen year old who is in full possession of a Learner's Permit!
This is an exciting rite of passage- and scary and nerve wracking and wonderful!

Parenting an oldest child really is a unique experience.
We go through each and every step together with eyes wide open
and jaws dangling.
It's not that the boys are any less important or special
but that first time really does just rock your world!


In a final note, Rob won a big trial today.
We are proud of him and very happy for him..
and also very happy that after two weeks of 16-20 hour work days,
our main man is home again!

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The Amazing Trips said...

Congratulations, Rob! 16-20 hours workdays are not something that should be sustained for a long period of time!

Re: the cicadas, yes - they were incredibly loud. Have you ever heard that once every 7 (or is it 20?) years they come crawling OUT of the ground, like something from a horror movie?? Ugh. We might have to go on a BIG road trip that month...

16 and the learner's permit ... God Speed. I can't even fathom the nerve wracking wonderfulness that will come from that at our house when our oldest (x3) goes through that experience.

I hope everyone is saying SAFE and gearing up for Fall. You're totally right, the leaves are starting to get crunchy on the ground in mid-September. Last year was such a blur, I can't even remember what comes next (although, I did put on my down vest for the first time in several months today... brr.)

We love the season change!