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Monday, August 8, 2011

Man Up

I'm a big fan of the phrase,
or at least the philosophy behind the phrase
"Man Up."

It's the softer, kinder version of the previous generation's perennial favorite:
"Stop yer cryin' or I'll really give you something to cry about!"

I mean, let's face it.
Kids are kind of whiney.
There's sad and then there's not-really-sad-but-wanting-attention.
There's devastation and then there's losing the board game.
There's gravely injured and there's stubbed-my-toe-but-crying-like-I'm-dying.

I'm not a big fan of hysterics or histrionics
hence, the phrase Man Up (or, Get Over It) (Knock It Off) etc.

Honestly, though, there are times that we have called it wrong
and sent the legitimately whiney and complaining child to their room, or to bed,
only to later find out it was a broken wrist (Kate), a broken toe (Kate),
whiplash (Chris) etc.
I hate it when that happens. No, really!

I think this week is an award winner though.

First, Chris got hit in the ear last week, while he was in the pool.
Apparently someone's knee connected with his ear and the knee won.
He came in (this was while we were in OBX) whining and tearful
about his ear.
We looked at it, hugged on him, looked at it again and then I think we pretty much told him to get over it.
He was complaining of feeling like there was water in there, so we had him turn his head
to the side and hop on one leg.

Over the next few days, his ear was draining clear fluid while he slept.
We figured (as did he) that is was the pool water that had been forced into his ear by the blow
and told him to sleep on that ear to let it drain.
One day he complained of pain and we gave him Ibuprofen. He said it helped and that was that.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. The boys went to swim and Chris dove in.
"WHOOOAA" he shouted, "My ear just felt really weird!"
Ah, crap! I thought to myself. I forgot about his ear.
I called him out of the pool, fashioned some clean, unused braces wax into an ear plug
and sent him back on his way.
Then I called Rob and had him pick up some Swimmer's Ear drops.

That night, Rob went to put in a couple of drops into Chris's ear.
...drop..drop.. SCREEEEAAAAMMMM!
If you live anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic, then you heard Chris's scream.
(and scream, and scream.)
Poor kid. We felt awful.
It was our first realization that his eardrum was probably perforated.
Luckily, once the drops cleared his ear, the pain was gone.

So I took him in the pediatrician today.
He has so much fluid on both sides of his eardrum that she couldn't even see the drum itself.
He's now on abx and steroid ear drops.
She said his ear could drain for up to 2-3 weeks!

He got lots of hugs.. until his brother,
who was complaining of stomach cramps,
and who I was sure was faking (and yes, I said it out loud..),
went stone cold white in the face.

So now I'm sleeping next to Trey on a twin bed,
trash can at the ready.


Cause I'm Manning Up.


Gina said...

I think it's one of Murphy's laws... when you decide to be tough and downplay their drama you are sure to end up in the drs office. Swimmers ear is just miserable. Our last year in CA I couldn't even get in the water because my ear was a mess. I hope he gets over it soon... and that you don't catch whatever Trey has.

dkuroiwa said...

oh, honey. i'm sending you {{hugs}} and pats on the back along with some "we've all done this....parenting is a crap shoot sometimes" kind of thoughts.

in our family, the phrases "it's a long way from your heart" and "are you bleeding? don't come back in here crying like that unless there is blood" were big with my parents and have been passed down. "shake it off" also works really well.

hang in there momma!!

Natalie said...

Never fear--you're not alone. Cannot tell you the number of times I've downplayed something and told them to suck it up--even got annoyed with them--and been proven wrong. SO WRONG! GAH! How about the time with the strep throat? Or mono? The whole sensory thing. I'm cringing just thinking about it all...