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Friday, July 15, 2011


Splashing, laughter.

Skin slowly turning the color of a light caramel,
curly hair getting blonder at the crown and tips.

For the past week, my two boys have been getting into the pool multiple times a day.
This is a real change from the past couple of years, when the kids would get in the pool
often when it was opened and then less and less as the summer progressed.

Out the sliding glass door they go,
dropping clothes like peanut shells in their wake
until they arrive at the edge of the pool in only their skivvies.

Games known only to the two of them are played,
and I am happy that they are enjoying each other,
this time together, free of all the electronic trappings available to them.

Yesterday, we hosted a pool party for middle school youth of our church.
One of the middle school boys was giving Trey (9) a bit of a hard time,
teasing him a bit since Trey was "it" and would clearly have a hard time catching him.
Trey was clearly getting frustrated but was holding himself together.

I hear a forceful voice from across the pool-
"X, stop taunting my brother! Just go!"
At the next round, Chris clearly allowed himself to be caught by Trey, to become "it."

I love that he looks out for his brother like this, and I made sure to tell him so.
They remain close, and I really hope it continues to last.

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