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Monday, September 19, 2011

Where to Begin?

After an absence as long as this one, it is hard to know where to even begin.
Preferably, it would be with something earth-shatteringly exciting
but I got nuthin' of the sort.

So instead, some snippets from my day today:

I tripped carrying the dogs' food into the dining room, where their bowls are.
Sophie's bowl went arcing through the air,
hit the floor,
bounced once, and then I watched as
kibble rained down like manna from heaven.

If dogs could look shocked, then my two dogs did.
Their eyes widened and I swear Sophie's little chowhound jaw dropped wide open.
I couldn't even be mad because it was so freaking funny.
So the dogs had "kibble from the sky" for breakfast.

Chris found one tonight on the dining room table and I found one in the front hall.
I have the feeling kibble will be turning up in odd places over the next few days!

I've been hobbling around like a little old lady for the past week.
I was just going along through life and one morning I woke up,
got out of bed and nearly swooned onto the floor in pain.
Instead of swooning, I stood hunched over by the side of the bed,
gaping in pain with my breath coming out in little gasps.
Somehow, I caught on fire or something because my back was in flames of pain
from my shoulder blades to my hips.

I eventually staggered into the bathroom
and found out one uses one's back for all types of things I'd never thought about before.

Well, this has been a week now and I am still in AGONY every morning when I wake.
I am talking about pain that causes me to cry out during the night
and hunker over, gasping each morning.
As I move through the day, the pain is mild as long as I keep moving
but laying down or even sitting in a relaxed manner can make me uncomfortable.
Yesterday I bought a support brace for my back and some Aleve
and I do believe things are better today.
Hopefully the mornings will be better soon as well.

Kate has been hard at work all week on a Humanities project
involving many little thrones made of wood,
spray paint, modeling clay and lots of stinky glue.
Her creations have taken residence in our garage,
along with a double bed (disassembled and minus the mattress)
that is waiting to go into Chris's room.
Apparently, I accidentally crushed Medusa's head when I fell over a bike
trying to get to the paper towel stash in the corner of the garage.
Methinks it is time for a garage clean out!

So there's the randomness meant to get this started again.
Hopefully someone else out there is tripping and falling
or dropping dog food or something.
If you are, let me know about it!

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Linda said...

Dog food coming from heavens!! Their dreams have come true!! That is soo funny and I have done that as well before.

Hopefully,your back will get better FAST!! Back pain is not fun for anyone!!