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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now Where'd I Put My Cane?

Kate in 1995

Scene: My bedroom. I'm standing at the bed, sorting socks.

Kate bounces in, giddy.

"Mom, Cece has invited me to go shopping for her Homecoming dress with her and her Mom; Can I go?"

Me: "Sure, but you're probably going to need to get dinner there if you are going soon."

Kate: "Well that's okay, I have money from babysitting left. Oh, and I have this really cool ten dollar bill that I've been saving forever because it is so cool looking that I don't want to spend it!"

Me: "...?... What does it look like?"

Kate bounces off to go get it and returns momentarily, two bills in hand.

"This one" she points "is what ten dollar bills look like.. and THIS ONE is some kind of ancient ten dollar bill!"

I lean over and peer closely at the two ten dollar bills.

One is the newer one, and one is the older one.


Yeah, that's what *I*said.

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Gina said...

Oh dear... ancient indeed..