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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Snow has Come!

What a relaxing day it has been!

I flew back from Atlanta a day early
to beat this big winter Nor'Easter.
And good thing that I did since
everything on the East Coast is pretty much paralyzed
at this point!

We enjoyed hanging out both together and apart.
Hot cocoa was enjoyed
and a game of Life was played..
and just like real life, it was both fun and the source of angst and arguing!

For my mom and dad,
I took some photos so you can see the progress over the course of the day.

9 A.M.

1 P.M.
5 P.M.
10 P.M.
Other photos:

Have a seat. The snow is up to your butt!
The lovely tree out front. Later in the day it looked very, very droopy!
Gracie tunneling through the snow. Good thing she is a big dog..the snow was up to her shoulders!
The snow rose on the bushes outside until it reached the window latch.
We may get more snow overnight. We'll see!


Natalie said...

Oooo! You're going to have a white Christmas! We could use some of that here!!!

jen@odbt said...

Isn't this so much fun? I'm relieved to see that they plowed our street last night but now there's lots of digging out to do. Enjoy!