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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Did You Use Your Manners?

Both boys had birthday parties to attend today
and I was the designated picker-upper for Trey.

As I pulled up to the house,
the front door swings open
and the child CAREENS out the front door
in my direction.
He turns toward a vehicle in the driveway
and is messing around near the tires, scuffling around.

Did you say Thank You to (S)? I asked him.
Did you say 'Thank You for Inviting Me' to his mom?

Why are you wearing that coat? I asked him, puzzled.
He turns to look at me
and I realized with a shock that I am not talking to Trey!
I am talking to some random kid who is the same height and weight!

Funny thing is, I think he must have thought he was answering his mom
because he did not even hesitate to answer my questions.
We both were very surprised!

I don't really have a Menu Plan this week
because I will be in Atlanta Wednesday through Saturday
visiting my mom.

But, for Monday we will be having brown sugar chicken with rice
and on Tuesday we will be having tacos.


jen@odbt said...

Too funny. I think every mom always asks those questions.

jen@odbt said...

Have a safe trip to Atlanta and enjoy your visit with your mom.