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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Dig Out

My sweet husband was my hero today,
shoveling the vast majority of the driveway by himself today.

No small feat!
My daughter, bundled up like an Eskimo,
helped him out for a while,
in between working on her World History paper.

Chris and Trey were joined by their neighborhood friends
for lots of fun playing in the snow,
bookended by playing on the Wii
and having a yummy lunch.

Meanwhile, Rob and I got all the Christmas presents
sorted and wrapped. Yay!!

By the way,
if you don't have one of these,
you really should consider getting one.

They are AWESOME and it is so stinking convenient
to make a pitcher of hot cocoa all at one time.
Plus, it periodically will re-mix it and it keeps it hot until you are ready to drink it.

School is canceled tomorrow for all three kids
so another fun day is in store.
I may take them sledding for a while,
but I've got a long to-do list that needs to be addressed as well!


jen@odbt said...

It's been a fun weekend. We're out of school until the 4th! Not sure if that's good yet ;)

Soapbox Mom said...

AAACCCKKK! I have to have that little kitchen gadget! I've never seen it. Cocoa-Latte by Back to Basics?

Looks like a must-have.

Oh, also...

I love that first shot of the driveway with the sun hitting the snow. It's gorgeous!