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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Cool Friends

If you are lucky,
you have a few friends who you admire
because they are so radically different from you.

Rob and I have a group of friends from our church
and one family in our group is just "the Coolest."

They do all these fun, wild and wacky things
that make us laugh.

For example,
they do a wildly creative Christmas card each year.
One year the two parents and their three kids
all had spoons hanging from their noses.
When their baby son was born, they sent out birth announcements
with a teeny weeny baby spoon on their tiny infant's nose!

Another year, their Christmas card had the whole family
standing with presents strategically placed...
because they were NAKED!
It was absolutely hilarious!

One thing that our family looks forward to each year
is their annual Halloween party.
They go all out.. and I do mean ALL OUT.
It is fantastic!!
Every space of every part of their home is decked out
in spooky regalia.
The best of all: they live right next to a very old cemetery,
complete with stone wall entrance and squeaky, creaky wrought iron metal gate.

Their creativity doesn't just stop at Christmas cards-
their Halloween invites are totally cool as well.
Last year, they made plaster replicas of Tim's big toe.
Their kids helped make the toes and paint them.

When the big invitation comes, we save it until dinner when our family is gathered together.
The opening of the invitation is a VERY BIG DEAL.

In fact, this year we waited three days to open it, just so Rob could be there
at the big reveal.
The DVD invitation did NOT disappoint! It was hilarious!

Do you have fun, wacky or wild friends?
Are YOU the wacky ones?


Cindi said...

What CREATIVE friends you have! What they do sounds like an absolute blast! PLEASE take pictures and let us see what the party was like!

As far as wacky friends...we lead a dull life, lol. I have nothing that would even begin to compare to yours!

jen@odbt said...

That is so cool! Gotta love people who go all out - are you doing a family themed costume or separate costumes? Hope to see pics of this fabulous party.

ben said...