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Sunday, September 20, 2009

General Update and MPM

Hi all!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
The weather here is just gorgeous.. pretty much my favorite time of year!
Bright blue sunny skies, high temps in the mid seventies with a light breeze,
and cool nights.

We are especially glad the weather is nice because now that school is back in session,
sports are back in full swing (no pun intended) as well!

Trey is excited to be in second grade! So far he is doing GREAT!!

Friday saw Kate having her JV Volleyball game.
Her team lost but a good effort was made.
Kate, as well as some other girls, are new to the sport this year.
However, after a couple of years, they will be ready to be a strong Varsity team!

Saturday brought Trey's Flag Football practice and game.
I was really proud of him because he learned the plays in his little Playbook
and thus understood what it meant to go inside, outside or buttonhook.
He got one "tackle" and really gave it his all,
even after being stung on the ear by a bee!
Poor little guy.
He looked so pitiful with his little hand cupping his ear.

Sunday was Chris's day, with a Minor League baseball game.
He did fine and it was just a great day to be outside as a family.
He pulled a muscle though and will be icing that down a bit this afternoon.

Baby Nathaniel will be ready to play ball before we know it!

Kate will be preparing to leave for Youth Group momentarily
and I will make sure backpacks are ready,
begin lunch prep etc.

Speaking of prep,
I am getting back in the swing of Menu planning.
My friend Gina has been menu planning again
and each week I have been thinking it is time to get back to it.

So, for this week:


Sunday: Leftovers.
Monday: Tacos/ Taco salad, fresh fruit.
Tuesday: Roasted chicken with roasted vegetables, fruit.
Wednesday: Chicken, rice and cheese casserole, green beans.
Thursday: Breakfast Supper, muffins.
Friday: Chicken enchiladas and/or Quesadillas, fruit, salad.
Saturday: Breaded steak, edamame beans, corn.


Maple and brown sugar oatmeal
Scrambled eggs and toast
Cereal and sausage
Fried eggs, fruit and toast
waffles and bacon
bagels and cream cheese


Ginaagain said...

You guys are busy with sports this year! It sounds like everyone is having a good time.

Your menu looks yummy. I really like having it all planned out but I have to admit that last week I didn't cook a single thing on my plan. It was a tough week. But.. on the good side, I don't have to think too hard to plan this week!

Natalie said...

I am strangely excited that MPM is back! Yay!