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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tart and Sweet Summer!

Today the kids and I met with a friend of mine and her three kids at a Pick- Your- Own farm.

I have known Charlotte for many years.
She and her husband Paul went to college with Rob and I
and we hung out fairly often because our husbands
were Fraternity brothers.

Charlotte and her son, Harry
When college ended,
Paul and Charlotte and Rob and I lost contact.
Oddly enough, one day about 11 years ago,
many states away from our college town,
Rob took a little three year old Kate to the local pool
and ran into Paul and Charlotte!
Unbeknownst to any of us,
they had moved to the same state and town.
It was quite a surprise!

Turned out they had a little boy, Casey,
who was the same age as Kate.
Very cool indeed!

Casey and Kate, not so little anymore!

We see them from time to time
but Charlotte and I keep up often via Facebook.
Realizing the ridiculousness of being neighbors
but not seeing each other very often,
we set up this Farm trip and had a blast.

The new gang, who shall not know the debauchery of their parents!

Casey and Kate hit it off quite well
and had some shared interests.
Chris gets along with anyone and everyone,
and Charlotte's son Nicky and Trey are one year apart in age.
Bringing up the rear was the one I call "Harry the Cute"
because he made my uterus ache all afternoon!

Allow me to introduce "Harry the Cute!"
We spent about three hours at the farm
picking blueberries and red raspberries,
with some kids eating more than picking.
But, isn't that part of the fun?!

A Berry Thief

We parted ways with promises to meet up again
very, very soon.
Casey was going to make his family crepes for dinner
and I will be making (and freezing) a couple of Monster batches
of double fruit muffins.



Lanny said...

I love picking berries. I'd enjoy it more if they'd air condition the farms. ;) Looks like y'all had a great time.

Continued good thoughts for your dad.

jen@odbt said...

What a fun outing especially to share this with your college friend. Did you laugh about what you were doing now vs. then? I bet you had some good times in college.

Bonnie said...

Harry the cute is right ! My goodness, look at him filling his mouth with yummy blueberries !! Mmmm. Wish we could pick those around here. We did strawberry picking a couple of weeks ago though ... that was fun !

Great story of you and your friends ...

Splaneyo said...

I love blueberry picking too! I am counting the days until our local farm is open. Your photos are fantastic - especially the one of Harry. Sam always winds up paying for all of the blueberries that don't make it into the bucket and goes home with a tummy ache. =)

Leeann said...

Thank you for all the comments! It was a fun time indeed. And yep, we had a lot of Blue kids! lol