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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Mr, Postman!

One of the challenging things about summer
is keeping the kids from spending too much time doing this:

or this:

or this:

There is certainly time and room for electronics, IMO.
They work hard in school, get good grades
and this is their time off.

However, the voice of guilt creeps in
and after a while, we either go somewhere and do something,
or I send them outside,
or we work on one of our projects.

This year, each kid has been working on the lost art of letter writing.
This is touched on in school but not taught as it used to be.
Plus, with the advent of email, it seems that no one even SENDS letters anymore.
But, writing letters is an important skill
and it is a real treat to those who receive them.

So I taught about the salutation, body and closing of a letter.
I taught about the proper addressing of envelopes.
Yay, me. lol

We have a list on the wall of things the kids want to do,
places they want to go and things they want to see.
Tomorrow we will go to a Pick Your Own farm,
knocking another item off the list.
Rob will be taking Kate to see Twelfth Night, which is one of her items, as well.

Preparations continue for my trip to the beach,
T- minus 7 days and counting!


jen@odbt said...

I've had to limit the DS time here too. I love the idea of letter writing. Thanks for the inspiration. Yeah for the beach!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for teaching the children about letter writing. It's a skill they need to know and maybe it'll improve their handwriting??!! I'm proud of you for teaching something useful which may not be taught well in the classroom. Anytime they can practice penmanship is a plus too...That pic of Trey in the blue shirt I thought at first was Chris. Wow, they are beginning to look more and more alike!
Have a happy summer to all.

jody said...

That looks like a heavenly beach!