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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Few Random Summer Observations

1- Without a schedule, I get veeerrrrry fluid. 
Kind of like that cute little turtle in Finding Nemo.
Mealtimes go all over the place, 
the children just go scavenge for food
when they are hungry and when it is 8 PM
and it is getting dark outside
I'm all like, Did we have dinner?
like some good summer fairy might have swung by
and prepared it for us.

So here it is, 8:30 PM and my kids are eating dinner.
At least I made them something.

2- Hawaiian Punch,
that stuff is utter crap,
pure sugar and water and cancer-causing red dye
and I TOTALLY love it.
I have had two glasses of it with my dinner,
while I have given the kids skim milk.

3- Being an adult rocks.
See number 2.

4- In the last few days 
I have been bleeding money.
200+ dollars for 50K car maintenance
300+ dollars for dog vet visit
500 dollars for a new Polaris for the pool.

5- Being an adult can also suck.
See number 4.


Ginaagain said...

Summer feels like a nonstop meal time around here. I get up in the morning and find the remains of midnight snacks. The kids eat all day long and then we get to dinner and no one wants to eat.

Ouch on the pool and car repairs. Last month was like that for me. I had been saving for a new computer for the kids and a week after we bought it mine died!

jen@odbt said...

I find myself saying "I'm an adult that's why" to my kids when they catch me eating ice cream at 9pm. Isn't that why we grew up? LOL! Agree that being an adult has its ups and downs.

Nic said...

Oh Leeann, don't even get me started on bleeding money. In the past month we put a new transmission in the Denali.$2500.00, New breaks in the Denali(was supposed to be 300.00 but because of "issues" ended up costing closer to $600.00. New tires on Mikes car-$500.00 Gosh I know there is more. But you get the idea. We are broke because of our cars! But, we have no car payment so for that I am very grateful. :)

Oh and my kids eat at all different times of the day/night. The only good thing is they all make their own food now. even Brooks has learned to cook. I may just lose my job if they get any more independent!

Natalie said...

"I have had two glasses of it with my dinner, surreptitiously
while I have given the kids skim milk."--hahahahahahaha! Made my whole day with that!