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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bows and Arrows and Strange Circular Wounds

Today I took my little dudes
and went to the Native American Indian Pow-wow
at the local Fairgrounds.

It was hot but there was a nice breeze blowing through periodically
to cool things down.
Also shows how spoiled we are,
that mid 80s seemed so terribly hot!

The boys and I watched some Indian dances,
including a man who did an amazing dance using six hoops.

After that, we ate some lunch,
feasting on Native dishes (or not)
of Buffalo Stew and Indian Tacos
(Taco meat and fixings on Indian Fry Bread.)

After visiting the farm area
(what about this pig looked so familiar-
oh, SHUT UP!)

we were headed back to the Pow Wow field
when Chris decided to hurdle some large plastic planters.

A great hurdler he is not.

No matter how many times I have thought about it
and turned it over in my mind,
I cannot figure out how he managed to do THIS:

After dripping blood around the fairgrounds and no first aid area in sight,
we found someone who had a first aid bin in his van
and he got Chris at least partly patched up.

All whining came to a sudden, screeching halt
when on our way OUT of the fairgrounds,
we came upon this little stand.
Pay 3 dollars, use the bow and arrow and try to pop the balloon.
You pop it, you get the bow and arrow.

After some instruction (Chris wisely asked questions and got many pointers)

and a few wild attempts,

Chris hit the balloon and was rewarded with a resounding POP!!

He gladly took his prize.

On the drive home, I stepped into MOM mode
and began the lecture:
"That is a real arrow. It is sharp. You are NEVER to point it at a person
or an animal. You are never to point it at ANY LIVING THING."

At which point Trey's voice pipes up from the back seat:
"Guess you won't be shooting the ground then, either."

Little smart ass. But he is smart!


jen@odbt said...

Great pictures except for the boo-boo. Kids are sometimes too smart :)

Cindi said...

What a great time you all had! Sorry about Chris' little accident, but kids are resilient. Gotta love the comment about not shooting the arrow at the ground!

Natalie said...

What a cool event!

Splaneyo said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great cultural event. Bravo Chris!

Leeann said...

It was fun indeed! And now I bet Chris won't try to hurdle any planters anymore. lol