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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

T.V. Turn Off Week- Midway Point

Today is Wednesday.

This week Wednesday is a hump day of a different sort.
It is the midpoint in our TV Turn Off week.

We are doing TV Turn Off for the school week
and so far I am absolutely shocked at how well it has gone.

Laying on a Daddy while he reads is very relaxing.

Since we outlawed not only the TV 
but computers, video games and DS's,
I expected some melt downs.
An exponential increase in whining.
Boredom. Fighting amongst the little people.

Trey lost a tooth today.

Surprisingly, not one of those things has occurred.
This is especially surprising given the vast quantity of rain we have been getting lately..
it has rained off and on for the past three days!

What I *have* seen is Chris and Trey playing board games,
wrestling, and laughing together.
I've seen all three kids listening to music
and dancing.
I've seen Kate making videos on her cell phone of her brother.
I have seen a lot of reading.

This has been a far more positive experience 
than I expected 
and far less troublesome than I had suspected it might be.

Rob and I will definitely be talking about ways we might want to 
incorporate this "unplugged" time 
into their lives more regularly.

Are you doing TV Turn Off Week this week?
If so, what positive changes have you noticed?
What negatives have you noticed?
What changes might you consider making after the week is over?


Jen said...

Good for you! I turned off my blog and all things blog for a day and it was pretty easy. I thought I'd be lost. I have not been as active with blogging but that is due to other outside issues.

Nic said...

Turn off the tv? Are you nuts? lol Actually once the weather is nice, we rarely have the tv on before 9. But I am a tv addict.

CarolinaMomOf5 said...

THat's great, Leeann! I'm glad it's going so well!

Leeann said...

It's over.. we ended it Friday night. And in a way I am really glad because by Friday I was OVER IT!
But, on the other hand, not only have my kids been drawn to all electronics like moths to a flame today but the bickering has increased amongst them.

Correlation? Hmm.