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Sunday, April 26, 2009

MPM and a few photos


This weekend flew by!
We practically lived at the baseball fields
but the weather was hot and sunny 
and it was all good. :-)

I haven't really fleshed out the side dishes
for our meals this week,
but I am thinking of some yummy seasonal things
like asparagus and lots of fruit.

This is my stock up week for meats.
I bought 12 pounds of ground beef at $1.97/lb,
which I will freeze in 1.5 pound portions.
I will also be going to a different market 
to buy Purdue Extra White Meat Roaster Chickens
at 89 Cents per pound. 
I have been waiting for this sale for two weeks!
I will buy four chickens.
That should have us set for meat for a couple of months!

Our menu this week:

Monday: Salsa chicken soft tacos, mexican rice.
Tuesday: pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce
Wednesday: Roast sticky chicken, garlic roasted potatoes, asparagus.
Thursday: Glazed salmon, rice, green beans, fruit
Friday: Enchiladas using leftover chicken
Saturday: Kate's birthday dinner. Her choice. I am guessing: Artichoke pasta or breaded steak.


Terri said...

Fun Pictures! Menu looks really good.

Jen said...

Great pics. You're so good about your menu planning. I have my son's 1st communion this weekend and parents coming to town and ack, no idea what to cook.

Cindi said...

You're so organized! Every time I try to plan a weekly menu, it goes down the tubes by Tuesday at the latest. I'm hoping that this summer I'll be able to do this and make it work!

Natalie said...

Hmmm, are you too busy facebooking to cook this week?