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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baseball Blues and Menu Plan Monday

It's another spring
and another baseball season.

I hope Chris closed his eyes AFTER the ball passed him by!

For five years now, Spring and most Falls
find our family out on the baseball fields.
Sometimes we are huddled under coats and blankets,
with hats and gloves and shivers and hot chocolate
steaming from white styrofoam cups
dotted with little teeth marks.

Other times we are found sweaty and hot,
reeking of sunscreen and bug spray and sweat,
the reddish dirt of the fields coating us bronze.
But always you will find us cheering on Chris's team,
shouting words of congratulations or encouragement.

This year, unfortunately, we have had to dig deep 
to find those encouraging words
in the face of loss after loss.

Fortunately, we are blessed with a few boys
who have such happy natures and don't let much get them down.

Three cheers for the "Glass Half Full" people!


Menu plan Monday:

Sunday: grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup
Monday: artichoke pasta
Tuesday: Chicken teriyaki, veggies, rice
Wednesday:  Fried rice with leftover chicken teriyaki and veggies
Thursday: Swedish meatballs with gravy, egg noodles, lingonberry jam, fruit.
Friday: dinner at the ball field
Saturday:  Breakfast supper

For more great menu plans and ideas, go visit Laura at!


Jen said...

Great pics! My son's soccer team lost their first game and had a pretty big dose of reality handed to them last season but what I love is that they're having fun (at least I hope). Glass half full is a great way to describe the boys!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Love your blog name!!! I can soo relate to it!
The photos are fantastic. Too bad about the loss!

Christy said...

Great menu! Have fun this week!

Rita T. said...

I've never heard of lingonberry jam. Sounds interesting.

Lanny said...

Great pics. And I agree--three cheers for glass half full people!

Can I move in with you this week? I'm drooling over your menu! YUM!