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Monday, December 22, 2008

Menu Plan Christmas!

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas week!

We are hoping for a healthy and happy Christmas for all.
We are working on the healthy,
as Rob is still ailing from his wisdom tooth extraction,
my mom is sick
and I can hear Chris downstairs hacking up a lung as I type.

Ah, the joys of the germ spreading season!

But wait, the very reason you came:
The Menu!

Sunday (yesterday): Artichoke pasta, fresh pineapple wedges
Monday: farfalle with homemade meat sauce
Tuesday: salmon with brown sugar glaze, red potatoes, green beans
Wednesday: crock pot roasted chicken, gravy, rice, fruit

Thursday: CHRISTMAS!!
overnight cinnamon rolls, breakfast meats, hot chocolate
hot artichoke dip and baguettes, fruit salad, crudite, shrimp
Main Meal:
Beef tenderloin, crab cakes, salad, asparagus, baked potatoes
Dessert: whiskey cake and pumpkin pie

Friday: breaded tilapia, something else, fruit
Saturday: Leftovers

for more great menu ideas, pop over to Laura at!


Ginaagain said...

Hey, your Christmas day menu is almost the same as ours.. although we have mashed potatoes and corn. I hope everyone is well enough to enjoy the meal.

Linda said...

Great Menu!! I hope the family gets better soon. We are having cinnamon rolls for breakfast too. I would love your recipe for overnight ones. I usually have store-brought. Merry Christmas.