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Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Extreme Christmas List

Since I am a little stress ball right now,

I decided to join my friend Jen at Our Daily Big Top
in dreaming.

Dreaming up the most incredible Christmas list-
if I could have anything, 
at no cost,
here are some things I would like for Christmas...

Hey Santa, are you listening?    ;-)

How's about a trip to Milan, where I used to live? 

Or a nice warm and uncrowded beach somewhere?

How about a few days at a Spa?  I could seriously use a massage! Or eight.

How about some time to relax and read as much as I want?

Or if that isn't possible, this awesome camera, with a super telephoto lens and a couple of photography classes?

Ah...a girl can dream, right?


Melissa said...

I'd settle for the beach. I'm stuck in Atlanta; family got last 3 seats on overbooked plane. Hope I get out tomorrow.

Jen said...

Great list. The beach looks especially inviting. Wasn't that fun to dream?

Ginaagain said...

I'll go with you to Italy!

(I am invited.. right?)