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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Disturbing Scientific Conversation

a rare dinner out.

We went to Pizza Hut so the boys could use their "Book It" coupons
they earned for reading time.

On the drive home, a conversation with Chris:

"Hey Mom, say two people ate the exact same amount of pizza, okay?"

Me: "Okay..."

"And then both people pooped and one pooped solid and one pooped diarrhea.
Which poop would weigh more?"

Me:  ........

"Hey Mom, didja hear me?"

Me:  "Um...Yes. You were asking me if two people eat the same exact amount of pizza, and one had regular poop and one had diarrhea, which would weigh more."

"Yeah! So what do you think!?

Me:  "Chris, why are you asking me this?"

"Because we learned about it in school!"

Me, swerving the car as I crane my neck to look at him: "You were discussing poop and DIARRHEA in school????

"NO, Mom, we were discussing.... just answer the question!"

Me: "Okay, um, they would weigh the same?"

"Yes, that's right! You got it right, Mom!"

Me: "Now tell me again, why were you discussing poop at school?"

I glance in the rearview mirror. 
Trey is completely and utterly rapt, 
his head swiveling back and forth like a spectator at a tennis match.

Chris: "We were learning about Mass and Volume and Weight, Mom!"

Me: ::::chirp, chirp:::::
"Glad to see you are applying science to every day life, Son."

"Thanks, Mom!"
What would life be like without Boys??


Jen said...

LOL!!! Potty talk doesn't end ever, does it? My kids are in the phase where potty talk just cracks them up to the point of endless giggling. I keep reminding them that those words (pee, poo, butt) are not appropriate but when I say them, it just cracks them up even more. What I have to look forward to...

Thanks for the laugh!

melissa said...

You've got to love how their mind works!
I have to give the teacher some credit. This is the kind of stuff that will make the "theory" stick with boys. Just put it in language they understand (and use!)

Leeann said...

That is what is so funny!
It wasn't the teacher discussing poop; he just taught about mass and volume and weight. Chris took the basic principles and then applied it to liquid vs. solid..POOP!



Natalie said...

Thank goodness you got it right. Otherwise you might have had to listen to an in depth explanation of why you were wrong!

Cindi said...

Chris is a very bright boy! I constantly remind my students that it's one thing to know and understand what is being taught, BUT when you can apply it outside of the class it's taught in, then it's really sinking in!

And oh yes, raising boys can be so entertaining! This sounds like a discussion that would have happened with my sons several years back.

Gotta love it!

Kate said...

OMG that is so rich! LOL:)