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Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Offer from Snapfish- Today Only!

As I was scanning and deleting shows from my DVR
after my week long trip away,
I came across an episode of Oprah touting a free gift.

I am *not* one to just let that slip by.

I watched long enough to find out what it is 
and it is a good one!

you can order a free 8 x 11 hardback photo book

You need to go to Oprah's site,
click on the Clean my House link that mentions Peter Walsh.
From there click on the link for the free gift.
This will send you to and it will put the coupon into your cart.

You then have until November 16 to design the book.

The reason this offer was on Oprah is to use their idea:
Take photos of your children's artwork that you have been saving
and upload the photos and have them printed into a book,
thus preserving the memories and lessening the clutter.

I may do that or I may take advantage of the chance
to make a Cousins book of our trip to the Outer Banks
that I have been putting off.

Enjoy the free deal and let me know if you did
and what you will make your free book about!


Jen said...

I'm making a book for my parents. It'll be part of their Christmas gift - they love pics of the kids. It's a slow process though - I guess many others are taking Oprah up on the free offer.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the info! I'm going to do a soccer book for my daughter of the past few seasons.

Pamela Fierro said...

Thanks for the tip! I made a book of our sailboat trip this summer. Great idea!