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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to another week!

We are having some unseasonably warm weather
this winter
and I am putting that as number one on my list
of things I am grateful for this week.

It was wonderful to have the kids go outside
and run around and play without being dressed
head to toe in warm weather gear.
They did come in coated in mud and dirt
from playing out in the stream, but hey, that's cool.

Here's the planned Menu for this week:

"The Ikea Knock-Off Meal" :
Swedish meatballs with gravy, egg noodles, red potatoes.

chicken milanese, corn, jello with fruit.

Wednesday: Ree's Marlboro Man sandwiches, tater tots, salad, green beans.

Thursday: scrambled eggs with cheese, fruit salad, biscuits with butter and honey.
(Hosting book club tonight)

Friday: Herb Marinated London Broil, mashed potatoes, peas.

Weekend- French dip sandwiches using leftover London Broil,
other leftovers from previous meals.

For more great menu ideas, please visit Laura at


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Hey!!! We're MPM neighbors!! You are number 5 and I'm Number 6. Whaddya know? We're meant to be together. All your meals sound yummy. Too bad I'm doing this diet. Aaarggghhh!!

Sarah said...

I'm going to have to try one of those sandwiches . . . I love her recipes (You MUST try her pot roast . . . I made it tonight and it was phenomenal) Have a great week!

Angie said...

Oh man -- I have been thinking about making the Marlboro Man sandwich! I may have to put it on list of things to make in January!

amanda. said...

I'm making the Marlboro Man sandwiches this week too! Your meal plan looks awesome!

forgetfulone said...

Your menu looks yummy! But what are Marlboro Man sandwiches. That's a great idea for the leftover London broil. Happy MPM!

Bonnie said...

I loooooove ikea meatballs ! I've never heard of Marlboro Man Sandwiches ... am going to go check the link now !

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

I've seriously been thinking of doing this kind of meal planning, too. Heaven knows I need to do something other than look inside the refrigerator at 5 PM every night and wonder "Hmmm. What shall I throw together tonight??"

PlanningQueen said...

I just had to check out the Malboro Man Sanwiches. With a name like that who could resist. I am definietly going to give them a go. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

Jenny said...

Marlboro Man sandwiches....mmmmmm! And your cheesy eggs sounds wonderful too!

nicrogers said...

Love the Ikea dinner idea.

Jody said...

Yum. You are so good to plan your meals. I am terrible about it.

Happy New Year!

The Fischer Family said...

That London Broil sounds so great! I'm gonna have to try that one! Have a great week!

Richard Lewis said...

Michelle and I just returned from Iowa, and the refrigerator is bare. It will be Chick Fil-A tonight, our last excursion into the land of Fast Food. Then, it's back to vegetables, salads and healthier meals. The holidays have ended indeed!

Rona's Home Page said...

How oftendo you and your book club meet? I miss attending mine in San Diego. We had such fun.
Great menu plan.

Katz said...

Great menu! Have a wonderful week!