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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Contest Results-- Thank you!

Hi everyone,

After much deliberation, I have picked four charities
to contribute to on your behalf.
It was very difficult,
because each one makes a difference
and helps someone or something.

My hope is
that through this contest,
all of us have learned of some charities
that we didn't know about.

I know I did.

In no particular order,
the winning charities are:

Heifer International

Operation Smile

Alex's Lemonade

Cure Search

I will be contributing $25 to each
of these four charities.

Please let me know if you would like
the donation made on your behalf,
on behalf of your families
or on behalf of someone that you know
or wish to honor.

The great thing is,
in a contest like this,
each and every one of us
is a winner
in making the world a better,
safer and healthier place.

So give yourselves all a pat on the back!

And now, the books....
I have a nice sized box of books
going to......

(drumroll please...)


Nic, congratulations!
I will be boxing up some favorite books
that I think you will like
and sending them on over to ya.
Please email me your address!

Thank you all for participating,
reading my blog
and being a part of my life,
either online or in person.

I am honored.



Katie said...

That was a really nice thing to do for those charities. It was a fun contest and I think you picked some great winners.

I tagged you for a meme, if you have time or energy (it involves a lot of tagging other people). Don't feel like you have to, but if you want it's there!

Lanny said...

Great charities! This was such a great contest. It's nice to have to think every now and then. :)

nicrogers said...

Thanks Leeann! I have to say I am really excited and totally shocked that I won the book part. WOOHOO!

heartshapedhedges said...

Thanks a bunch Leeann!!

The folks at will really appreciate the donation, and I do too!

This was a fun contest, and really informative too.

Happy New Year!

PS. Please make our donation in honor of my son, Andrew Sprague, a cancer survivor.

Charlcie Steuble said...

Thanks so much for selecting CureSearch for your donation! I am the Website Content Manager for CureSearch and ran across your blog post this morning. We so appreciate your donation to support childhood cancer research.

I also post to the newly launched CureSearch blog if you are interested in reading/bookmarking it:


Richard Lewis said...

Hey LeeAnn,

I just read about one of the charities to which you'll make a donation. Heifer Intl is looking into whether to build a wind turbine at its farm in central Massachusetts. I learned about this in a brochure from a renewable energy program that I joined as part of my electric bill. Coincidence? I think not!