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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two Freaky Things Tuesday

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I have a major ass-splitting headache today
which I believe is caused by
freaky thing number one:

The high today,
January 8, 2008,

Need I tell you how completely bizarre that is?

While intensely pleasurable
to be tooling around town
in short sleeves and sandals,
my sinuses are in a state of confused agony.

I know you are reading this
and thinking to yourself,
do tell, what is freaky thing number two?

Wait no longer.

I was at the Safeway yesterday
doing the week's shopping,
when I stopped to take a break
at the Starbucks area to give baby Michael a bottle.
While I was sitting there,
at the Starbucks,
in the Safeway,
in my little suburban corner of the world,

A freaking MONK walks up to the Starbucks
and orders a latte!

I kid you not.

I am talking about a head shaven,
red robe wearing
Tibetan monk-dude.

I was stunned.

We live in a fairly progressive
and diverse East Coast area,
but even so, this was most definitely a first.

a rabbi, a priest and a monk
go into a bar.....


1 comment:

Richard Lewis said...

You didn't hear this joke? The monk turns to the priest and the rabbi and says, 'Hey, didn't I see you in the Starbucks yesterday?'

Oh well, it was worth a try at humor...