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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reunion, Evening One

In time Melanie got up from her beauty sleep
and we both started getting ready to go.

There was much silliness in the air,
the nervous tension was definitely there.

We went out to the rental car
where Melanie kindly posed for a couple of pictures
(don't kill me, Mel!)

We headed off toward the school.
It was about 8:15 PM and we were supposed to meet
our class at the football field.


When I went to school there,
there wasn't even a football TEAM!

So anyway, we locate the school
(using the GPS, we are SO LAME!)
and it is HUGE!!
I mean, freaking huge!
I think the school/church has purchased half of Houston while we were gone.
We didn't even recognize the place
and couldn't tell what was the school vs. the church.

Given that it was now nearing 9 PM
and the time to meet everyone at Carabba's,
we decided to just head on over there.


By the time we pulled up to the restaurant,
we were both starting to hyperventilate a little bit.

Emergency! Emergency! Abort Mission!

We made a quick U-ey,
headed to Randall's
and bought a fatboy Heineken instead.

Yeah, we are the height of mature.

So we sat in the parking lot,
slouched down like the two high school kids we felt like we were,
giggling over our Heiney.

We then made our way over to Carabbas
and started to walk in, giggling nervously
and peering around for some sign of our classmates.

Abort! Abort!
Quick, run to the bathroom!
Here is our final, panicked moment before heading in:

From across the room,
we spot some familiar faces.
Twenty years later, can you even imagine!
Yet there they were!

Quickly, remarkably, the nervousness vanished.
They were just people, old friends,
and I was glad to see them.

I walked up to hug the first few people I saw.
Little did I know, the first thing one would say to me is
"Just so you know, Leslie's a Lesbian."

to be continued....

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Ginaagain said...

At my 20th reunion one of the guys (who was a very good friend of my younger brother and spend almost every day at our house) came as a girl. She/he was the talk of the reunion. Poor thing.