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Monday, November 5, 2007

Reunion, Day One

So Melanie and I get our rental car
find the hotel and get checked in, no problem.

We decided to take a nap
after our day of travel
(and Melanie's five Valium).

As one would expect,
she crashed right away.

I lay there for a while,
plumping the pillows,
tossing and turning
and worrying about the first Reunion meeting tonight.

It was very strange, thinking about it.

I had a graduating class of only 40 people.

We all had our groups that we hung out with
and sat with in class etc
but even so, it was a pretty open class as a whole.

Besides a sorry soul named Doyle Grogan,
everyone seemed to get along
and I don't remember any overt pettiness or meanness.

This is why I was surprised I was nervous.

I had no past grievances to air,
no bully I was worried was going to come up
and shove me into the appetizers.

I had no (major) skeletons in the closet
(well, besides Leslie)
and while I most certainly do not look like the same girl
who graduated twenty years ago,
I'm not heading toward the nearest freak show either
and I'm reasonably comfortable in my own skin.

So tell me,
those of you who went to Reunion
or have been to another Reunion of your own...
did you feel nervous? And if so, Why?


Richard said...

Hey Lee Ann,

I think you should have followed Melanie's lead and taken some Valium. That way, you wouldn't have need someone to shove you into the appetizers; you would have fallen into them yourself!

I have yet to go to a reunion. I'd be quite anxious about it, mainly because I did not like high school. Detest is too strong a word, but it's close.

Maybe your stories will help me overcome my reticence.


Ginaagain said...

I haven't been to any reunions but I was on the mailing list for my 20th. It was almost like being there. They are having a 25th this month that I also won't be attending. It's not that I'm nervous to go.. I just didn't have a lot of friends in my class. The majority of my friends graduated the year before me.