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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reunion, Day Two

Melanie and I were just plain tired the next day.

We slept in until 9:15 and then headed downstairs,
unshowered and untoothbrushed,
for breakfast.

You know you are longtime friends
when you hang out all nastay-girl like that. :-)
Melanie, you still love me, right? RIGHT?

Breakfast wasn't what I thought it would be.

I was looking around for some omelets,
maybe a "make your own" Belgian waffle maker
and a big pile of bacon.

Not. Even. Close.

They had biscuits. Round, preformed egg circles.

So, I did what any girl looking for a good breakfast would do.

I began to whine.
And snivel.

When that failed,
I began to repeat
"Kolache Factory"
over and over again
until Melanie finally crumbled like a week-old cookie.

Putty in my hands, I tell you.

After she drove me (in my unshowered glory)
to the Kolache Factory,
we decided to go by our old houses.

I haven't seen my old house in many, many years.
At least 14 years.

When we drove up, there was a "SOLD" sign
in the front yard,
See? What did I tell you? Why don't you ever believe me?

and people hanging out talking.

Melanie sees this as a golden opportunity
to make friends, strike up a conversation
and the next thing I know,
we are headed inside, on a tour of my old home....
My old house. Cue sappy "Memories" song here.

To be continued.....


Anonymous said...

OK, remind me to never, ever, ever, allow you around me with a camera! You are lethal! Your old house looks nice though.Nic

Anonymous said...

So, how did the old house look inside? The outside looks good but am dying to know about the inside!
I agree with Nic--you are "shock happy" with the camera...poor Melanie!
Hope you talk more about the house tomorrow. Did you go by Mel's too?

Ginaagain said...

I don't think I could do that.. I avoid old memories like the plague.

It really looks like you two had a wonderful time.