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Friday, November 9, 2007

No Reunion Post Today

I'm taking a break
from Reunion posting today.

I am kidded out.

Today I realized, late,
that I was volunteering at Trey's school.
I thought my schedule was clear, since it is a non-baby day today.

So I rushed out and put in some volunteer time
at Trey's school.

Then, I had lunch with Trey.

Oh my.
Lunch at a table with a bunch of kindergarteners
is QUITE the noisy, crazy situation.

Let's just say, it is good I wasn't trying to eat
because there is NO WAY I could have.

I went back to Trey's class
and finished up in time
to go have lunch with Chris.

A much saner environment!

When the boys got home,
we went and picked up Kate from her newspaper meeting at school.

Then at five, I went and picked up Kate's friend Clarissa
and her sister Allison from play practice.

I brought Clarissa home with us
to have dinner and spend the night.

After dinner, I went and picked up Chris's friend Zain
so he could spend the night with Chris as well.

So, it has been kid city around here
and the same will be true in the morning.

Yahoo! :-)

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