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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

High School Worries

I am sure there will be a time
when I won't worry about someone's school.

I worried for two years before Kate started middle school.
We totally panicked.

How would she do, in a great big middle school?
How would she do with peer pressure?
Would she make friends more easily than she had in
Elementary School?

I worried for Chris when he started public school in first grade.
I worry that we should have held him back a year,
even though he is doing fine.

I have worried about Trey's preschool
and then this year I worried about him starting Kindergarten.
More than anything with him, I worried about
how he would do behaviorally.

And now, because God knows I have to worry about
something and someone all the time,
I have started worrying about high school for Kate.
When I really get into a groove,
I go ahead and worry about college too.

Public or private high school?
Which is better for her?

Which can offer her more academically?
Which can offer her a wider range of extracurriculars
and things she would enjoy doing?
Where will she thrive?

Lord help me.
It is going to be a long year and a half.


Lanny said...

Great timing for this post! I nearly had a panic attack today about kindergarten for Linus. Sad, huh?

Ginaagain said...

... and when they are done with college you can worry about their jobs.. spouses.. children.. health.. retirement accounts...

Parenting - You can stop worrying when you're dead.

bmg said...

I remember when you asked very similar questions when she was entering primary school!
It worked out, right?
So this will work out, too!