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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Disney Day Three


We had so much fun on Day Three.
We got up early, even though it was pouring rain, had breakfast in the room and sang Happy Birthday to Chris.
Then we went to Animal Kingdom.
We got to Expedition Everest right away and rode it several times.
We scored Dream Fast Passes from the Dream Team at Disney, which was a great surprise for Chris.
We only needed to use two of them, though, as we got to do everything we wanted to do with minimal crowds.
We gave them to a family when we were leaving.

Then we went to O'hanas for dinner, where the kids had a blast doing the limbo and shaking maracas and learning to hula. Even I learned to hula! lol

After that we headed back to the room, where Chris opened his presents. It was a fun, happy day.
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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Waaahhhh!! I'm jealous! Each time we've gone recently, I've tried to figure out how they decide to give out Dream Fast Passes to. How did you score them?!?!?!

Ibrahim's thinking he might want to take the kids up if he does end up leaving town. Daniel was so impressed by the Darth Vader battle that he's begging to go test out his Jedi powers. LOL!