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Monday, October 15, 2007

Which Way Does She Spin?

This is a cool and very freaky
mind test for you.

Follow this link
and tell me which way the dancer spins initially.

Then, see if it changes for you
or whether you can make it change back and forth.

Every time, I see counter-clockwise initially
then after a minute or so I see clockwise.
After a while I could switch it back at will.

So GO HERE, try it
and come back and comment on what you saw!


Anonymous said...

SO freaky! I saw it counterclockwise first and it took awhile to make it turn -- I focused on the foot and was then able to turn it. Really cool! Cristina

Anonymous said...

I saw it clockwise and could not get it to turn. Prominent nipples. lol Maybe I should go back and focus on her foot!nic

Anonymous said...

The dancer IS actually changing the direction. It's not a left vs. right brain thing.I fell for this too. Watch her legs. At first she is on her right leg and if you watch long enough she changes to her left leg. When she switches legs, she changes direction.