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Thursday, September 20, 2007

8 Things About Me

I was tagged
by Kim
to list eight things about me

So let's do it!

1. I tend to be more comfortable with children than with most adults. They feel less judgmental and are less rushed and more genuine.

2. I taught one of my first students, a little boy with severe autism named Jamie, how to give kisses when he was three. It remains one of my sweetest accomplishments. He died unexpectedly at the age of sixteen.

3. I am 38 years old and having been home with my children for 12 years, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. What color is my parachute? Where the hell *is* my parachute? lol

4. When I was nine we went to live in Italy. We lived in an apartment that was two stories. my parents room was on the main level and my brother and I had the upstairs. There was a cool spiral staircase to go from one floor to the next. The living room and dining room had gorgeous solid marble floors. From the back balcony, which spanned the length of the apartment, you could see the Alps on a clear day. It was beautiful.

5. Before we bought this house three years ago, we had a house built. We loved the house but there were no trees or anything since they had razed the land. The houses were built very close together and there was very little privacy. I learned that without trees, nature and privacy, my soul starves, no matter how nice the house.

6. I have a strange fascination with both the Amish and the Mormons. The close knit family thing appeals to me.

7. I love to get mail. Magazines make me happy. A birthday invitation for one of my kids- much joy. Bills...not so much.

8. There is a group of women that I initally met online, and have since met several times in real life, that I have been emailing with for 12 years... longer than many marriages. Among this small group of women (6 including me) there are two sets of twins and two sets of triplets.