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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things are gonna be moving around here!

I had my gastroenterologist appointment yesterday.

I liked the Dr, although his office staff left something to be desired.
The girl who took my blood pressure
said "Wow, 85/65. You must be very calm today."

Um, I think that would definitely qualify as something beyond calm. ;-)

I said "wow, that is really low. I usually run more around 110/65 or so."


"Maybe we should retake it, just to make sure," I tried again.

She puts the cuff back on (it is digital) and puffs it up
puff, puff, puff.

Reading: ERROR.

I know, shocking isn't it?

So they break out the old fashioned kind of blood pressure cuff
and get an accurate reading
that doesn't show me as being near death.

Next, I am asked if I brought a referral.

No, it was sent electronically via the Dr's office
under "X" doctor's name, I tell them.

Off they go, returning shortly thereafter to tell me there is no referral.

I assure them that there was indeed a referral and to call
my primary doctor's office and check.

Yes, there is!
You're shocked again, aren't you.

But it can't be faxed, because the fax machine is broken.

Then the one girl asks the other
did you get the blood pressure and weight
and record it in the chart?

Yes, she says.

And I am sitting there thinking
nope, no one weighed me yet.

Fortunately the Doctor seemed remarkably more
competent than his (extremely young looking, oh god i am getting old they look like they should be in high school where are their mothers!) office staff.

In reference to the title of today's blog,
I am going in for a colonoscopy on Friday morning
so as of midnight last night clear liquids only.

Why does being told you can't have food make you hungry?
I don't ordinarily eat by now but I am hungry!! lol

So I'll be having my little poo party
tonight and getting up tomorrow AM
to revisit the bash.

Have a great dinner tonight. Think of me! lol

Leeann---> who is headed for a lack of caffeine headache by tonight!


Kim said...

I think I've had enough caffiene for the both of us this morning! LOL!!

You've been tagged..get going girl and good luck!

Details on my blog. :0)

Love, Kim

Gina said...

Hang in there Leeann. I had a colonoscopy in May and it was remarkably easy. The hardest part was not eating... I drank a lot of chicken broth. I am praying that they figure out what is going on with your insides and can fix it quickly.


suburbancorrespondent said...

I once had to go to the ER for a miscarriage, and I swear the doctor I saw looked exactly like Doogie Hauser, MD. Anyone remember that show? I wanted to ask him if his mom drove him to the shift or if he rode his bicycle instead.