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Saturday, September 22, 2007

One Week Countdown!

I am taking a stand
and writing about something other than my health
for once

I am sick of hearing myself talk about it
or write about it as the case may be.

So today, I am writing
all about our trip to Disney.

We leave one week from today
and I am trying to get psyched and prepared.

My awesome Mother In Law
was here for two days
helping out with the kids
and she did a TON of laundry while she was here.

Thanks to her, I am going to go ahead
and set aside a week's worth of clothes
for each kid.
That will get a bulk of the packing done.

I ordered groceries online
to be delivered to the resort
so we will have drinks, breakfast food
and snacks for way cheaper
than it would have been to purchase them
at the park.

I bought into a Photopass share
so that we can order a CD of photos
from the park for one fourth of what
the price would be to buy it alone.

Things are falling into place and
I am starting to get excited!



Gina said...

I am so jealous! I want to go to Disney too!!!! It sounds like you are really organized already.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leeann, what is a photopass share?? Or, more directly, how does one go about buying into one? That is a terrific idea. I really wanted to buy some of those pictures but could not bring myself to throw down the big bucks. Oh and having groceries delivered was a great idea. Nic

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oooh, you must be getting so excited! I know I just love getting away, no matter where it is. That is so smart to have groceries delivered - I never ever would have thought about that.

I hope that you feel well throughout your trip and that you all have a great time!