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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and Haircuts

This morning,
at 12:01 AM
the much anticipated
and slightly dreaded
moment came...

the epic saga of
Harry Potter would come to an end.

Rob, Kate and I are big fans.
We have read every book
and seen every movie.
Kate, in particular,
has read her books
to the point that they have been taped
and retaped and several eventually

I decided around 10:00PM to go
to Barnes and Noble
and get our reserved books
when they were released.

Almost simultaneously,
I realized I also must
wake Kate up and take her with me.

I think this series is a pivotal thing
for her generation.
It binds them together
and will be something shared
in the culture of this group of
teens and preteens.

I wanted her to have memories of it,
to feel like she was there, really there,
living life fully

and in the moment.

So I got a very groggy Kate out of bed
at 10:30PM with the whisper that we were
going to get Potter at Midnight.

We drove over to Barnes and Noble
Oh. My. Gosh.

The crowds were UNBELIEVABLE.
Just to give you a clue,
our number was
TWO THOUSAND three hundred and eighty eight.

Once you had your number called,
you would wind your way through the store,
following the taped path.
This took about 20 minutes.

But still, it was a moment
and memories are made of special moments.

Getting in the store:

Buying our books:

The beauty of ownership!

Let the reading begin!

All day long it has been a
readingfest around here

(well, when I wasn't napping off
the very late night.)

Short of that,
the only other thing that has been done
was giving the boys minor,
hair trims.

I trimmed it out back on the deck
and then had them skinny dip
in the pool to get all the hair off.

Aren't you disappointed that there
aren't any pictures of THAT??

Who says middle class can't be white trash?
Now they have memories too!
::::groans, slaps forehead::::

Have a good day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

We picked up the book yesterday morning around 9:30. Colleen finished it sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning (we had spent most of the day at the lake, away from the book). She loved it!
p.s. I haven't read any of them, but we discussed the book to see if the theories I had were correct.

momtothreeboys said...

We were there too, with all three boys and number 81. We arrived at 8:15 and got our books at 12:10. Cool stuff, especially for Mark. He dressed as Harry Potter and TOTALLY got into the whole thing!

Leeann said...


Wow, she is a fast reader! I'm on page 425 currently so I still have a ways to go. I don't want it to end so I am just kind of plodding along. Rob finished his Saturday and Kate finished hers Saturday night. I am avoiding talking to them about it until I get done because I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!

Leeann said...

Wow, you were smart and got there early! I totally underestimated the crowds and was just blown away by the number of people that were there. I wish I could have seen Mark all dressed up. Did you take any pictures? Oh, and I have Mark's sandals. We found them and I took them to Baseball Under the Lights but you all weren't there. Email me privately with your address and I can get them over to you.

MOM said...

I'm so glad you awakened Katie and took her to Barnes and Noble with you! It's something she'll always remember fondly and it was the LAST book! Pictures are adorable and she looks really happy!Way to go girl....