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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Three Hour Tour

Rob's 39th birthday
was a week ago.

I wanted to give him a fun present
and after some consideration
decided on a Segway tour.

He had wanted to do one while
we were in Chicago last month
but they had been all booked up.

So, with a beautiful day in store
(fairly cool, sunny and breezy- perfect!),
we set out for our three hour Segway tour
of Washington, DC, followed by lunch
at our favorite restaurant, Maggiano's.

Bright and early, we set out
with happy faces

and a junk food breakfast.
What more could you possibly want?

Well, that and a large Coke.

When we got there,
we signed all the waivers
excluding them from liability
if we were idiots and managed to kill ourselves
or seriously maim ourselves in a Segway wheel.

We also signed our lives away in the event that,
in the process of said suicide or maiming,
we scratch the Segway.

Following that and upon the assembly
of our little group,
we went out into a little alley behind the shop
to receive our training.

It was surprisingly easy to learn
and really quite intuitive.

Before long, we were ready to set out
and see the sights.

Let me tell you,
if you get the chance,
this is a really fun thing to do
Really, REALLY fun.

Like riding-a-go-cart-when-you-were-a-kid
kind of fun.

It also helped that our tour guide,
a senior at Georgetown from the Midwest
was kind of hot.

Segway fantasies to pass the time.

Hmmm, where was I?

After the very fun Segway tour,
we headed off to Maggiano's.

Traffic was from HELL.

There were various protests
and parades and crap
the way there always are in DC
and we were logjammed for quite some time.

I don't handle boredom well.

I like to amuse myself.

When there's is nothing to do,
I often turn to my husband
and commence annoying him
and pushing his buttons.

I am a youngest child.
This is fun for me.

He is an oldest child.
His buttons are easily pushed.

I start out sweet.
We take happy pictures together.

He does not realize that I am about to start bugging him.

Soon, he will become quite agitated
as I vacillate wildly between taking his picture
as he lunges for the camera

and holding my finger
to his ear and singing
"I'm Not Touching You!"

I would have never married me.

What was he thinking?

Much to his great relief,
we got to the restaurant
and had a fantastic lunch.

Even more to his great relief.
upon returning to the car
he found a tattered copy of
National Geographic for Kids
under the driver's seat.

Now I had something to read.
I'm not picky and I was content.

It was a great day!

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