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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Perhaps I am paying the piper
for letting my boys skinny dip
but I did a TERRIBLE job
with their hair.

The poor things look like
they had an unfortunate
encounter with a weed whacker.

Luckily they are boys
and young ones at that
and so they really don't know or care.

I am just thanking my lucky stars
that I didn't get too cocky
and try to trim Kate's hair.

She would have killed me
if I had done that to her!

Kate and Rob have finished the
last Harry Potter.
Rob read it in one day and Kate
in a day and a half.
I am still plodding along,
currently at page 424.
I don't really want it to end,
which is part of the reason
I am dragging it out and putting
the book down often.

Once I've read this one,
the story is over
and that makes me sad.

Rowling is a genius!


Lori @ The Simple Life at Home said...

I just had to laugh! When I was about 14 my mom cut my hair. It was horrible!! I looked like I had a set of stairs running up the sides of my head. I still haven't forgiven her to this day, so it's a very good thing you didn't touch Kate's hair! Like you said, their little boys and they don't care what they look like.

Splaneyo said...

Oh, I have done that to my boys too. Spencer will now go to the barber, but Owen isn't having it. I cut his hair on the deck also, but I have to give him a lollypop to get him to hold still. It just isn't easy! Sounds like you had a great weekend. What a special thing to do with your daughter - you are a special mom and she is a lucky girl (ahem, young lady right?).