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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fruit and Baseball

Today was a low humidity summer day
that at times felt almost a bit fall-ish,
a little taste of what seems so far away
but is really around the corner.

School supply ads are showing up
in the Sunday paper
and at BJ's warehouse store today

For God's sake, people,
give it a rest! lol

I had a great time outside with Trey today.

Our apple tree is growing apples
at an insane rate.

This makes for all kind of fun.

Some apples, of course, are for the deer
and other animals.

Some are for my two legged "animal"

Some are for my four legged animal:
(Gracie, otherwise known as The Sherpa,
with her summer haircut)

Some are perfect for practicing baseball!

This is a favorite activity.
There are few things as inherently rewarding
as smacking the snot out of an apple
with a baseball bat
and watching it explode into lots of little pieces.

Seriously, you should try it.
It's like free therapy!

Maybe later on,
we'll try it with the peach tree.

Seems like it would be a heck of
a lot messier though!

The only downside to
a fall-ish summer day
is the pool that sits empty,
waiting for the sun and humidity
to bring the laughter back.


Lori @ The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, I am so jealous!! I want fruit trees in my yard! All I could do here is mangos.

My goodness, your puppy is huge!! I guess she's not a puppy anymore, huh?

Splaneyo said...

The peaches might work better for bowling. My boys are still talking about the "potato baseball" game that took place between my husband and father in law last year. We had a bag of potatoes that started to sprout...most people would put them in the garbage, but being the waste conscious people that they are, they played with them.
There is not much better than a ripe warm peach of tree though - you might have to get a bit conventional with these and make a pie or something. =)

Rhea said...

I love Halloween, but's ridiculous.